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Svensk Hemleverans (which means Swedish Home Delivery)

Svensk Hemleverans is a company within the NTM-group, which is one of Sweden’s largest media groups. In total, Svensk Hemleverans have more than 1 700 employees.

We offer a wide range of services such as distribution of morning papers, free papers, letters, packages and different kind of goods, straight home to the customer. Every night, all year around, we deliver to almost every address within our districts in Östergötland, Västervik, Vimmerby, Uppland,Gotland and Norrbotten.

What does a distributor do while at work?

As a distributor you are the key in our organization, you are the person who makes sure that the right person receives the paper, letter or parcel that is to be delivered. You will most likely distribute in an area close to where you live, either by foot, bicycle or car.

Svensk hemleverans have a big variety of employees; young as well as old, men and women etc. We also have a big variety in the amount of days and time you work. Read our requirement profile below to see if this is the right job for you.

You will work during the night, usually you start your shift between 23-03 and are finished when everything is distributed, sometime during the early hours in the morning. This means you will have the day free. Almost all our distributors work part-time with us.

In Svensk Hemleverans we strive for equality and diversity, which is why we value candidates with different backgrounds and experiences.

Svensk Hemleverans have a collective agreement  with Svenska Transportarbetareförbundet (Worker’s union).

Read what some of our employees think about their job.

Requirement profile:

  • You shall be careful and service oriented in your work
  • Be able to take responsibility and enjoy working alone.
  • Have turned 18 years old, which is required for working during the night in Sweden.
  • Being able to read, speak and write fluent Swedish or English (if you are English-speaking you must be able to understand basic Swedish).
  • Have a personal code number or social-security number.
  • Valid working-permit for Sweden.

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